Making the Most of the Relationship With Your Construction Manager

Construction Manager

Congratulations. You’ve made a decision to build your new house or major renovation. Your building supervisor has been picked out by you and you’re finally prepared to get started.

Doing a major remodel or constructing a brand new house is an exciting time. And the main relationship you’ve got during this time is with possibly principal contractor and your building supervisor. Here in Panama, like the majority of areas they’re generally the same company.

Your job is a dream in the event you do it right as well as your friendship is going to be a long one. However, if this relationship is strained, the endeavor could become a nightmare of never ending bad feelings and expense.

Here are FIVE steps to maintain a good relationship by means of your building supervisor.


Before anything is done, your budget ought to be established. This consists of getting your first quotes and estimates. It’s extremely difficult to produce a suitable approximation without understanding a budget. It is possible to do kitchen or a dollar a $5,000 $50,000 dollar kitchen. Without a budget, it’s not possible to carry on.

Additionally, if you are doing your funds, you should allow for changes and over runs. 80% is an excellent standard. Thus, in case you have $200,000 to allocate to your new house, your funds should be around $160,000. In case you do not want it and have it, you can use your additional 20% for furniture. But, in case you do not have it and need it, the program of everyone needs to go on hold while you locate the additional funds.

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