The Role of the Construction Solicitor

contruction solicter

A building solicitor is in charge of all the legal problems which arise from building jobs. They’re on hand through the whole life cycle of a construction job, from the preparation stage through when the building work was finished and to any disputes that might arise during construction.

Building solicitors work for customers both in the private and public sector, and have a working knowledge of the restraints under.

Building solicitors work on a varied array of construction projects, including all residential and commercial developments and everything these encompass. Building solicitors work towards carrying out due diligence, negotiating on their behalf and protecting the interests of their clients. Their capabilities include all facets of both engineering and building in regard to auditing, procurement, logistics and contracts.

Listed below are only a number of the places which building solicitors cover:


Building companies will be advised by building solicitors in relation to their jobs are financed whatsoever phases. They are going to not be unaware of their lenders as well as the relationship between the construction company and professional indemnity insurance companies. Ensure that all trades associated with the job are completed as quickly as possible and the primary goal of a building solicitor would be to minimise the fees paid to advisors.


A building solicitor will probably have the ability to counsel you in the preparation and performance of your job on the consequences of important laws, assisting you to prevent any possible pitfalls along the way.